Born in Santiago, Chile, in 1964 Rosa Martinez grew up surrounded by the Andes Mountains in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. She was inspired by their majestic beauty and this fed her love for nature and the arts.
 Rosa moved to England in 1995 and formed a family with her husband. In 2004 She studied Child Care and Education, in 2009 she obtained a teacher assistant certificate. Rosa held various job in the education sector. Later in 2014 Rosa pursued her passion for the arts obtaining a Foundation Degree in Arts in 2016 and a Degree in Illustration in 2017.
Throughout her studies, Rosa showed an outstanding ability to express her emotions and skills into her illustrations. Rosa's future lies in the printmaking and illustration industry and hopes to succeed by complementing her knowledge and experience of two worlds both, South America and Europe.

2004      Advance Diploma in Child Care and Education.
2009     Teacher Assistant Certificate.
2016      Foundation Degree in Arts (FdA) University of Plymouth.
2017      BA(Hons) Illustration Plymouth College of Art.


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